Organic Garden

Dionysos Village Resort is located on a private hill of 35 acres with trees, vegetables, fruit trees and beautiful gardens. Dionysos Village Resort has created an organic garden in a special area of our private hill, where most of the vegetables and fruits are cultivated.

Our passion to maintain a tradition, have caused that today’s organic garden provides approximately all vegetables and fruits hat are used in our restaurant for your meals. Two people work exclusively in the garden, producing lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, melons and grapes.

We invite all our travelers and guests to enjoy a walk through our organic garden. If you decide to lunch with us, you will probably enjoy the flavor of the vegetables grown in Dionysos Village Resort, without any chemicals.All used fertilizers are organic and are part of proposed long-term sustainability project which we have implemented.

'Dionysos' Home-Made Wine

Dionysos Village Resort produces its very own home-made exclusive wine. The vines used to make our home-made wine are grown with special care and intuition over some 5 hectares of land in our private hill.

Enjoy a glass of our homemade organic wine with our compliments from our own vineyard during your holiday by Dionysos Village Resort. Between the authentic home style Greek cuisine and the majestic setting sun over the sea, this will be romantic or family dinner, not to be forgotten soon.